This page shows the majority of the group members at Cornell and at the MPI. Our MPI website is currently under construction.

Ruth Ley

Ruth E. Ley, Ph.D.

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Post-Docs and MPI Project Leaders

Feel free to contact us (scroll over picture to see names):

Angela Poole, Ph.D. – Cornell – Host gene copy number variation and the microbiome –

Sara Di Rienzi, Ph.D. – Cornell – Microbiota and fatty acid metabolism –

Jillian Waters, Ph.D. – MPI Project Leader – Health effects of heritable gut microbiota –

Liz Johnson, Ph.D. – Cornell – Sphingolipid dependent host-microbe interactions –

William Anton “Tony” Walters, Ph.D. – MPI – Maize microbiome –

Nick Youngblut, Ph.D. – MPI Project Leader – Microbial ecology of human gut methanogens – nicholas.youngblut at

Julia Goodrich, Ph.D. – GWAS of the gut microbiome –

Carolin Kolmeder, Ph.D. – MPI (2017) – Genetic determinants of Bifidobacteria

Doctoral Students

Feel free to contact us (scroll over picture to see names):

Zach Henseler – MPI – TLR5 mediated host-microbe interactions –

Jessica Sutter – MPI – Maize microbiome –

Daphne Welter – MPI-  Bacterial evolution –

Stacey Heaver – MPI summer 2017 – Sphingolipid dependent host-microbe interactions –

Research Support Staff

Feel free to contact us (scroll over picture to see names):

Qiaojuan Shi, Ph.D.Research Support Specialist | Cornell Ley Lab Manager –

Ursula Schach – MPI – Lab Transition Coordinator and MPI Technician

Karin Klein – MPI Administrative Assistant


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